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Cool round stress reliever, Yellow

Bounce, throw or squeeze this round stress ball. Stress relievers vary slightly in density, colour, size and weight due to mold process which may prevent precise and uniform imprint. Imprint may break up. No half-tones.

Article No: 10210008
Listprice: 1,30 €
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1 pcs × 1,30 € = 1,30 €
59 918 pcs 08/02/2023, in case of order +5 day(s)
Artical size :
Ø 6,3 cm
0.024 kg
Country of origin:
China (Prc)
Packing details / export
Packing volume:
0.279 dm3
250 pcs
Carton weight:
6 kg
Carton size:
33 × 64 × 33 cm
Carton volume:
0.07 m3
Customs Code:
Other data
Stresszlevezető labda, fekete (10210007): 1 pcs
Stresszlevezető labda, sárga (10210008): 1 pcs

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