Regarding the current pandemic situation, we need to inform our clients that during the epidemic, we can only deliver goods by payment in advance or cash payment. Thank you for understanding.

General Terms and Conditions, Order info

Below conditions are for distributors. If you are still not a distributor, but you wish to be, please make registration by mail to us (export@reklamajandek.hu) to inform you about further conditions.

Privat persons are not be served.

After registration you can login to our website (distributor.golding.eu) by your password, so this way you don't need to ask offers from us, you can see your special and quantity discounted reduced price (net price) of items and printing (as all possible printing facilites and colour numbers)

Put your choosed items to the cart (without printing or your wished printing method), then push Order request button. We will contact you within one business day to coordinate the details.

Payment: cash, bank transfer in advance, bankcard (Mastercard, VISA). Bank transfer post factum is possible by special agreements.

Prices are for information only and do not include VAT. We reserve the right to change prices.

1.1 Delivery terms

We have approx. ~3 millio Eur own stock from the most popular items what can be right away delivered. Over of stock items quantity to purchase ordered items is approx. 3-5 workdays.

Delivery time of printed items is approx. 3-5 workdays more of arriving time of items or approved layout.

Stock position and our supplier's stock position are shown and you can be informed by our website. (distributor.golding.eu)

1.2 printing facilities

Please give us the following details of order of printed items: where, what size, how many and what colours (PMS - Pantone code) which printing method would you like to place logo on item.

Please fill up or send us logo and all graphics in vector format (cdr, ai, eps, pdf). If it's not spot color printing (full color), please send us it in at least 300 dpi (jpg, tif, psd, gif) file.

For some raw materials and colors of prints a white background printing technology will be using , in that case printing cost is rising with one more color printing cost.

Futhure details and possibilites of printing you can be informed in printing menu.

1.3 Differences

We have the right to supply 5% more or less than the quantity ordered or confirmed because of technical causes.

Delivered items in colours and size and procession can be small differented fromour website or catalogue or previous shipments.

Considering that logos are printed on different matterials and we use basic colours at all items, so we are able to print the required printing colours with only approx. colour accuracy.

We make credit note of broken, injured or demaged items, but we don't replace missing goods by own costs, considering of fix cost of small quantites' high charge and of delivery cost.

Shown datas on our website are only for information and pictures are just illustrations. In real it can be different in looking, colours and size and we have no responsibility for arising problems.

1.4 Complaints

Complaints concerning noticeable defects must be reported in writing within 14 days after delivery of the goods, at the exceeding of which Reklámajándék.hu Ltd. is not obliged to any form of compensation.

After discovery of any defect, Customer is obliged to stop the usage and/or further delivery to third parties of the concerning Products without delay.

Reklámajándék.hu Ltd. is not obliged to any form of compensation for defective products that have been printed by Customer after receiving the goods.

Complaints have to be submitted to Reklámajándék.hu Ltd. by post or by mail including all related documents, which must contain invoice number, customer name, address, bank account number, owner of bank account (for possible back transfer payment), photos, invoice, report of delivery, etc.

It is not open to Customer to return the Products before Reklámajándék.hu Ltd. has agreed to that in writing.

If agreed in writing by Reklámajándék.hu Ltd., Customer needs to send the goods back to Reklámajándék.hu Kft. (1097 Budapest, Gubacsi út 61.) within 14 days from reporting the complaint.

The returning of goods is the Customer’s expense and the Products remain at his risk. Returning never implies any recognition of liability.

1.5 Techical details

Web Server Hosting Provider
7342 Mágocs, Széchenyi utca 75.

2.1 Website

If you use our distributor webiste distributor.golding.eu, you always can see our current full supply and the latest valid listprices. After login you can check your net price what is volume-related and already reduced with your fix distributor discounts and you can follow up of your orders position (ordered, anticipated, packed, passed) and all open invoices.

2.2 Anonim website

Supporting sales of our distributors we operate (without cart and contacts) present-perfect.eu anonim website, what you can watch together with your costumers and where you can find all items, the latest listprices, own and our supplyer's stock positions, deadlines, etc...

2.3 Have your own webshop!

On your request we make your own present-perfect webshop, with your website, with your logo, with your company presentation, etc... Orders via this website will appear in your given email address.

2.4 Advantage of using a webshop

- you will always find all current items and current list prices
- own stock position is updated in every hour (or immidietly if you push a button)
- supplier's stock position is updated in every day
- pictures of all items are downloaded and fowarded
- catalogues are avaiable in digital version
- you can find only here stock of China Direct, 5-20% cheaper
- you can find only here stock of Last Minute, own discontinued items for low prices
- you can find only here stock of Megadiscont, discontinued items of our supplier's for low prices
- Web promotions, news, curiosities

Band discounts depending on the ordered items calculated at list price value. Your main discount please ask your account manager or log on our website.

If you have any question with conditions or any details, please contact us.

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